World-class universities and colleges: 7 of the 8 Universities in New Zealand have consistently featured in the top 500 Universities across the globe. One can also improve their English proficiency by staying in New Zealand. Also, the education model adopted by this country has fundamental principles taken from the UK institutions and therefore research and practical oriented. Students also get a great chance to interact with many cultural background students. New Zealand education focuses on skills like innovation and critical thinking as well.

Work while you study: Work while you study is another advantage in New Zealand. International students are allowed to work for a maximum of 20 hours per week during studies and full-time during holidays. If one is interested to work while studying in the country it’s important to check the exact conditions of your student visa. Some visas don’t allow one to work (if course have less than 120 credits). If this is the case one must apply for a variation of the conditions of your visa.

Post-graduate work permit: International students can attain 1-year job search visa after completing studies in New Zealand. Students came get full time job offer during job search visa. Also, one can get 2-year work permit.

A pathway to New Zealand permanent residence: Student gets points for permanent residency in New Zealand.

High quality life and a safe place to study: New Zealand is a developed nation with a high living standard, low unemployment and a diversifying economy. Country has less crime and is safe, friendly as well as multicultural society Education expenses are lesser than UK, USA and Australia.

Additional Advantage: Student’s dependents can accompany to the country with the student and work while the student is studying. Skill shortage and many job opportunities will help students find good jobs and permanent residency in New Zealand. It also has excellent climate conditions i.e. mild summers and cold winters, which is favourable for all sort of outdoor sports and activities. It is a clean and uncrowned country with wide open spaces. New Zealand is the first country to be declared as a nuclear free zone.



Major intakes: February/July (During this period all colleges and universities have all/ maximum major courses available)

Rolling Intakes (Students can apply in the nearest intake within 2 months)