World-class universities and colleges: France is the 3rd Leading Host Country for Higher Education. Studying in France also provides Internship opportunities with the top companies of the world. In Information Technology sector, France holds fourth position in the world. Students who don’t have good command over French can still peruse course in the country because the universities provide with courses and programs in their curriculum during the course time.

Lower tuition fees and living costs: France has low and reasonable fees compared to many countries. Living cost of France is lower compared to UK. France also provides Financial help for accommodation up to 1/3rd for successful students.

Work while you study: All students including international students can work 20 hours per week during the course and can earn 9 € per hour during part time work

Post-graduate work permit: After students finish the course, they get 6 months to 1-year full time Job Search Visa. After one year, work permit is extendable for next 4 years.

Other Advantages: French government helps in providing accommodation. France also has low transportation cost. Free French Language courses are provided by French Government Organization. Credit Transfer is also possible in France. 95% Visa Success Rate. 95% Job Placement

Quality life: Students studying in France will definitely appreciate the beautiful, developed cities and the great variety of social life available. Weather in France is better compared to many other parts of Europe and students already studying there, hardly complain about. Mostly, reviewers sound pleased with the events organized by universities of France and the friends they made during their international study experience. Even the smaller cities in France offer opportunities for fun student activities.



Major Intakes: September/ February