Find out which jobs are eligible for the Skilled Worker Visa


2133 : IT specialist managers

  • Data centre manager
    IT manager
    IT support manager
    Network operations manager (computer services)
    Service delivery manager

2134: IT project and programme Managers

  • Implementation manager (computing)
    IT project manager
    Programme manager (computing)
    Project leader (software design)

2135: IT business analysts, architects and systems designers

  • Business analyst (computing)
    Data communications analyst
    Systems analyst
    Systems consultant
    Technical analyst (computing)
    Technical architect

2136: Programmers and software development professionals

  • Analyst-programmer

2137: Web design and development professionals

  • Internet Developer

2139: Web design and development professionals

  • IT Consultant


6145 : Care workers and home Carers – private households or individuals (other than sole traders sponsoring someone to work for their business) cannot sponsor Skilled Worker applicants

  • Care assistant
    Care worker
    Resident warden
    Home care assistant
    Home carer
    Support worker (nursing home)

6146: Senior Care Worker

  • Senior care assistant
    Senior carer
    Senior support worker (Local government: welfare services)
    Team leader (nursing home)